Friday, 14 February 2014

Skincare Review: My Beauty Diary You Can't Beat Me Oil-control Soothing Mask

My Beauty Diary You Can't Beat Me Oil-control Soothing Mask

This mask is My Beauty Diary's new line of mask sheet.  The package is only 5 packs in a box, which is only half of the regular 10 packs box, i think the price is also about half of the 10 packs.  The new line are not ingredients focus, for example the regular line emphasizes only on one main ingredients like aloe, white pearl powder, etc.  I think the new series is more emphasized on the effect, which in my opinion better because other than reading each mask's label how do i know what white pearl powder does.

This mask is specially suitable for preventing acne.  There are many acne preventing ingredients such as tea tree oil, rose water, black tea, mint and other skin soothing ingredients.  The back says that this mask is suitable for oily skin type, acne prone skin, and skin that need balancing.

Right away when i open this mask, i noticed the smell of this mask definitely did not have any added fragrance because it does not smell great, not horrible that you cannot stand but it's definitely not a good scent.  Personally i don't mind not having added fragrance just to cover up the herbal scent, any fragrance that's not natural is not good for the skin.

The hydration effect of this mask is okay.  The main purpose of this mask is to prevent acne or come down existing acne that you might have, and i definitely see and feel its effects.   the first time that i used this mask was because i felt a pimple about to form on my forehead, so i wanted to prevent or stop it from growing into cystic acne by using this mask.  The next morning, i saw the pimple go down and it not form again later, so it went away after using this mask.  That n my opinion is the best thing any acne treatment/mask can do!

Overall review: 5/5  I have not given out any perfect score yet but this mask is a perfect score in my list.  I would for sure repurchase this mask after running out.  I hope this new My Beauty Diary series never become discontinued, i want to also try some of the other mask in this series.  There was a pore reducing mask that i saw, i have many enlarged pores on my nose and around me nose, that is next on my list of masks to try :)

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