Sunday, 2 February 2014

Skin Care Review: Baroness Collagen Mask Sheet

Baroness Collagen Mask Sheet

Hydration: 4/5 very good mask sheet
Sheet Mask: 4/5 fairly thin mask sheet, absorbs alot of the essence
Essence: 4/5 alot of essence in the pack, after taking out the mask there's still alot left in the package

Overall: 4/5  I got this mask as a sample so i did not purchase this, but the result was surprisingly good.  I heard alot about Korean sheet masks, in particular when comparing Korean, Japanese, and Chinese brand, Korean sheet masks lack hydration, but after using this one i think that statement is untrue.  I do not know what is the price for this mask, but if it is around 1-3 dollar per pack and i can easily buy (not order online) then i would repurchase.

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