Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Skincare Review: Missha Pure Source Sheet Mask Tea Tree

Missha Pure Source Sheet Mask Tea Tree

Time for another mask review, this time is a famous Korean brand.  Missha is known for their makeup more than skin care line and masks, but nevertheless this mask caught my eye at first glance because it has tea tree oil. 

Recently i have been more interested in mask the can help with acne rather than hydration or whitening, because i think my breakouts are causing my face to hyper-pigmented, and i should be preventing that they instead of treating it when it occurs. 

This mask is fairly expensive in my opinion comparing to other mask such as My Beauty Diary or other Asian mask sheet brands.  It was probably close to $2 for one pack, i only brought one pack because i wanted to try it out first.

The mask sheet is 100% cotton, in my opinion that is why it's much thicker than other mask sheets.  I have heard that the thicker the sheet the more pressure it has on your skin, thus your skin will absorbs more essences.  But that will only work if there's alot of essence. 

The tea tree effect of this mask is not noticeable, so i couldn't see or feel any effect of the tea tree working for me.  This is a decent hydrating mask, there were still lots of essence left after taking out the sheet, but i think it's because the thicknesses of the mask sheet cause it to not absorbs as much essence as it should. 

Overall review: 3/5. I would buy this mask again if it was cheaper because Missha is a good brand but this mask is too expensive for its effects.  I prefer to use My Beauty Diary's acne/oil control mask because it has more acne fighting ingredients than just tea tree oil.

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