Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Skincare Review: Vitamin Sun Cream

This is a product that i got from the memebox vitamins serie probably 2 years ago, wow has it been that long?  Anyways i never got the chance to review it. 

At first when i saw and read the packaging i though it was going to a anti-aging plus brightening sun cream, it guess it does what it says it was just me who mis-interpreted.  I though brightening in terms of helping with lightening skin or hyperpigmentation, but the brightening feature that this product has is more like a primer, it will make your skin more illuminate when you apply this sun lotion.

The SPF 38+ property of this lotion is not that high.  As a sun block i would think 50 SPF is a must especially for summer, so that's why i use this mostly in winter. 

The texture of this sun block is pretty nice, it's not oily and as soon as you apply it you will your skin probably a skin tone lighter and more illuminious, which i think is a really good feature of this product.  At the end of day, i do see that i still get a bit oily around my t-zone, but i think that's normal for most of the moisturizer that i use.

Overall review: 3.5/5

The main disadvantages of this product is that the SPF is not high enough, also other than seeing it from memebox website i haven't seen this product being sold anywhere else.  So it will be hard to purchase this sun block if you didn't get it from memebox or live in Korea. 

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Skincare Review: Leader Insolution Tea Tree Sheet Mask Review

Leader Insolution Tea Tree sheet mask

This was on sale at my local H-mart for $29.99 for 10 sheet mask originally for $40 or something, another reason why i brought it was because the sales lady said i could mix and match between the same price of the Leader Insolution sheet masks.  Even though i mostly brought the tea tree mask, i still wanted to try out other kinds, so i brought an aloe one as well as a brightening one.

This is a really good mask especially for calming down acne or pimples, and i think this mask is also really hydrating.  Even hours after using the mask, i could still see my skin being hydrated.  The only slight downside is that this mask is on the pricer side, usually what i like to spend on mask is less than $2 per mask.  Since i usually use sheet mask 5 times a week, so spending more than $2 per mask would get pretty expensive after a while.  This mask is about $3 per mask, i think it's definitely worth the price, but it will be a mask that i will use everyday because it's a bit pricey.

Overall review: 4/5

Great mask for prevention and calming down acne.  It is surprising hydrating and there's tons of serum in the package.  If you don't have a budget or only use sheet mask occasionally then get this mask.

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Unboxing Vichy Acne line from #VichyWorksForMe

Unboxing Vichy Acne line from #VichyWorksForMe.

Includes Normaderm Deep Cleansing Gel, Normaderm Pore Tightening Lotion, and Normaderm Corrective Anti Acne Treatment.

This is all from ChickAdvisor #VichyWorksForMe at Vichy Canada #gotitfree