Tuesday, 24 April 2018

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Day 24 "Snack" of #springflingchallenge hosted by @antiagingamber @a_skintervention @morethanjustskin @my.strange.days @thebeautyconservator . πŸͺ TokyoTreat is ultimate snack box from Japan (drool...πŸ™‰), my sister has been ordering boxes from @tokyotreat, there are sooo many things that I haven't seen before, even though I live in Vancouver and we have quite a few pretty big asian supermarket and not to mention Richmond (aka the asian town). Everything in this box is from Japan 😍 Gosh how come we don't have cute snack like these (and is not just for kids only). This box deserves the Big thumb up πŸ‘with Doraemon, one of my favorite and classic Japanese character . #tokyotreat #tokyotreatanime #snack #snackbox #subscriptionbox #japanesesnack #japansnack #

I was one of the lucky gal chosen to blind test for the @ellecanada #ellecanadagrandprix After more than a month of testing out products, I am finally going to review them now 😁 . Can you see some of your favorites skincare and mascara under the wrapping?!? . #ellecanadagrandprixwinner #ellegrandprix #ellecanada #blindtest #skincareblindtest #mascarablindtest

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