Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Skincare Review: Lululun Everyday Face Mask 7 (pink version)

Lululun Everyday Face Mask 7 (pink version)

This mask is a pretty famous brand in Japan.  It was given to me, so I did not buy this myself, and I don't really know where this mask can be purchase where I live (in Vancouver, Canada).  So I was pretty lucky to have this given to me, I would definitely want to repurchase or have someone who is traveling to Japan or Asia to buy this for me. 

I have seen this brand Lululun on a lot of reviews and this brand has a lot of other lines.  The special thing about this mask pack is that it always comes with the zipper pouches so you can zip up the bag after taking out the mask.  To me, I prefer the zipper pouch than the single pack mask sheet.  The reason is because I always want to get the most use out of my mask sheet, so I would apply the remaining essence in the package (after taking out the mask) to the rest of my body, neck, chest, you name it, but the problem with that is you would have to apply to area without clothes, so obviously this can only be done after taking shower.  So, as you guessed it, every time I take a shower I would apply a sheet mask to my face right after getting out of the shower, and I would squeeze out every drop of essences and use it as body lotion/serum ;)

Ok, so the point is, because with the single mask sheet pack I prefer to use it after shower, so this zippable 7 day mask pack, I can use it in days that I have not taken a shower.  I don't want to creep anyone out, but I do not take a shower every single day (I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one, right?! LOL). Back to my point: it is convenient!

I have seen a version of this mask from Lululun that has 100 sheet mask, i was definitely shock that how anyone can use so many mask and without drying out.  I think 20 is my max that i will purchase from a zippable pack.

From what I can make out of from the packaging is that these masks are "organic" meaning without many chemicals  and only has simple ingredients so it can be every day.  Since I have heard from many beauty talk show and read from many articles that you are not supposed to apply sheet mask every single day, the fact that this mask is made for everyday use means it probably is organic.

Hydration effect is good, it definitely is not comparable to other hydration mask, but I think the organic part out weights the hydration part.  I am sure if this mask is also suppose to whiten, there was only about 5% of info that i can understand from the labels. 

Overall Review: 4/5.  I gave 4 for the simple ingredients list and the fact that you can reuse by zipping up the package.  I think there are other comparable multi-masks pack out there also from Japan, but this is the first of its kind that i have used, so far so good :D

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  1. may i know where did you get this from?
    i got a pink, blue, white one from but i didnt see this silver package here.

    1. I got it from Japan, so not from any online store. In my opinion, they are all very similar :)