Thursday, 13 February 2014

Skincare Review: Heme Instant Lifting and Whitening Eye Mask

Heme Instant Lifting and Whitening Eye Mask

This eye mask pack comes with 5 packs in a box.  It was on sale when you buy 2 box, so that's why you see so many of the mask in the picture.  I got this eye mask from my local Asian T&T supermarket, so 2 boxes was about $11.99 Canadian, not bad for 10 eye make in my opinion.

The shape of this mask is so cute, it is in a butterfly shape, so it does cover a lot of areas around your eye.  A nice thing about the mask is that usually eye masks are only made for the lower eye area, but this eye mask will cover your upper eyelid and as well as some part of cheeks and nose. 

The main goal that i hope to get out of when applying any eye mask is hydration and firmness (reduce eye lines or fine lines).  The hydration effect of this mask is fairly good.  I found that even applying the eye mask after 15-20 minutes the mask still has alot of essence in it; i would then apply this mask on other area of my face, for example my cheeks or forehead, i got to get the most of the eye right?! ;)

On the package, it says the mask is supposed be lifting and whitening.  I did not see immediate result of lifting or whitening, but i do believe that keeping your skin hydrated does lead up to lifting and maybe whitening.  I think this mask is good for depuffing, even though it did not say that on the package. 

There was one time when i tried to use the extra essence on the rest of my face, but i got like a film effect afterwards, which is like a having a light layer of saran wrap on my face, and if I were to rub my skin there was little white flakes that came off.  So don't use the essence as a face lotion/serum.  I found that letting the essence soak in to your skin will definitely not cause the film effect.

Overall review: 3.5/5  Decent eye mask, not a miracle product.  You really have to use it long terms to see the effect, or if it does anything at all.  I think a good eye cream can definitely replaced the need for eye masks. 

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