Thursday, 20 February 2014

Skincare Haul: Baléa Facial Masks

Baléa Facial Masks

I got 7 different masks from my local Shopper Drug Mart Baléa brand.  I think Baléa might be a exclusive brand in Shopper because I haven't seen it anywhere else.  The reason why I brought these masks was because I wanted to buy enough for the shopper optimal points event and plus there are many intriguing masks that I have not seen or tried before.

So the 7 types of masks that I picked out are all either clay or wash/wipe off masks.  There were also peel-off masks, sheet masks, and other types of mask for hair and foot, but I didn't buy them because I already have too many sheet masks and I don't like any kind of peel-off mask.

The majority of the masks that I picked out are moisturizing masks, there are some deep cleansing masks, whitening make, and the most unique one is the anti-aging snake venom.  You might think why in the world would I want to use snake venom on my face, well then you must have not been following the fastest skincare trends.  The new skincare ingredients that even many Hollywood stars have been using is Bee venom and Snake Venom.  The theory is that because these are only low percentage of actual venom, it's supposed to make the skin repair itself because it is tricked to believe that your skin is damaged from the venom.  All I can say is it is definitely a interesting idea :)

Well, since I am already using Snail slim in my everyday skincare routine (Missha Super Snail hydration skin treatment and emulsion), I figured that Snake Venom is probably not so far fetched.  I have seen outrageously priced skincare products that contains Bee and Snake venom, I am definitely not going to blow my money on it until I have at least tried it and it's worth the price.  This snake venom mask is actually using synthetic snake venom, explains why it's so cheap.

The masks are 3 for $5, I have not ever seen these masks go on sale yet.  I wouldn't say it's the cheapest masks, because I have seen other sheet mask that was 5 for $4.  I think it's  comparable to the Freeman traveler size masks, in terms of the price, but Baléa has more varieties.

I'll post the reviews of each masks when I get a chance to use them.  Stay tuned!!!

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