Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Skincare Review: Baléa Hydrating Face Mask with Sweet Almond Oil and Vitamin A

Baléa Hydrating Face Mask with Sweet Almond Oil and Vitamin A

If you seen my recent post for skincare haul then you know I got a bunch of these Baléa masks from Shopper Drug Mart.  This hydrating mask is the first one that I have opened and tried.  I wanted to first tried this mask is because I heard a lot of good things about what sweet almond oil does for the skin, and I previously have not tried any none gel like mask for hydration.

When I opened up the package, immediately I was surprised at how much product is in it.  I brought this mask at 3 for $5 deal, which is quite a good deal already.  And after using it, i definitely think it's worth the price, I can say that the single pack has enough to apply on your entire face for at least 4 uses.  This mask is white-ish green color, it sort of looks like clay but it will not dry like clay mask, it will not tighten as much or crumple. 

I felt a bit of tingle feeling right after applying it on, but after 30 sec that feeling is gone.  I usually leave it for 10 to 15 mins, you will see a bit of change when it dries, but definitely not as obviously as a clay mask dries. 

The hydration effect of this mask is decent.  It's hard to tell if my skin is more hydrated, because with this type of mask of wash-off mask the effect is not as obvious as a essence-drenched sheet mask.  It's a good alternative type of mask if you are tired of just sheet mask or clay mask.

Overall Review: 4/5.  I like the consistency of this mask, it's easy to apply and spread nicely on your whole face.  You don't need alot and there's plenty of products in the pack.  It's easily wash off, but sometimes I see a bit of residue when I wash it off and wipe my face with cotton pad and toner.  It's not that noticeable, but it may be something that might turn me off.  I have to try that other Baléa mask to really say if I'll repurchase this.

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