Thursday, 19 June 2014

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Skincare Supplement: femMED Hormonal Balance

femMED Hormonal Balance 120 Capsules

This is a supplement that i thought would help with my hormonal acne, i think it did a little bit.  I think this brand may be exclusively at Shopper Drug Mart because i haven't seen it anywhere else.  It is 120 vegetarian capsules, which you are supposed to take 2 daily, that's 60 days worth, which is approximately 2 months.  It says on the bottle that it may take 3 months to see result.  I guess i was too impatient because i only brought one bottle and am not planning to repurchase. 

For those who want to treat hormonal imbalance, i think there are better supplement that you can buy.  There's another brand that i saw after buying this, it was called EstroSmart, i think that has more ingredients to help battle hormonal acne. 

This was priced at $35-40 but if you buy it during 20x the point event, then over $50 means $10 off in points :)

I would not repurchase, because i have found something more effective at combating acne, no matter if it's hormonal acne or stress acne.  I think that's better than just dealing with hormonal, i mean ultimately i want to have no acne and perfect skin, a girl can dream right?!?

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Daily outfit

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Skincare Haul: My scheming L-absorbic Acid Whitening Essence

My scheming L-absorbic Acid Whitening Essence

If you are like me and live no way near Asian then you know how hard it is to try out Asian skincare.  Luckily i live where there's a huge Asian market, T&T supermarket.  To me T&T is my Watson, they just started importing a local t of Asian skincare brands, My beauty Diary, Naruko, Dr. WU, My Scheming, and even Korean brands such Etude House and Face Shop.   My scheming is a Taiwanese brand, similar to My beauty Diary, but i think in some ways even better, because they have serum, which is the one that i brought :)

There are three types of serum or essence in the range, this one is whitening, there is hydrolic acid, and another EFG renewal hydration.  All of the serum are within the price range of $12 to $15 Canadian, which is definitely an outrageously cheap for serum. 

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Saturday, 14 June 2014

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Saturday, 7 June 2014

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Monday, 2 June 2014

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Skincare Empties: Neutrogena Continuos Control Acne Cleanser 5% Benzoyl Peroxide

Neutrogena Continuos Control Acne Cleanser 5% Benzoyl Peroxide

If you know me than you know most of skincare is either whitening or acne related.  This is the first benzoyl peroxide cleanser that i have used, i have used up atleast 3 bottle of salicylic acid cleanser but none of benzoyl peroxide ones, surprisingly it is quite good. 

I saw good reviews of this cleanser from makeupalley, most reviewers said this cleanser was quite gentle and does not overly dry up the skin, unlike Neutrogena 2% salicylic acid, which i did find it too drying.  After trying and finishing this bottle, i do absolutely agree that this is more gentle and still effective in acne prevention and treatment. 

The texture of this cleanser is more of a cream texture.  Surprisingly there's not alot of product in this bottle, it only lasted me of less than 1 month or so. This is fairly cheap cleanser, so i would say it's a ripe-off. 

Overall review:4/5,  very good cleanser for acne prone skin, and a none drying cleanser who find other salicylic acid cleanser too drying.  I would repurchase, but recently i found that foam cleanser, which is the most gentle form of cleansing, is actually doing quite good for my skin lately.  So i have not repurchase any topical ingredients cleanser lately because i am trying to finish up my foam cleanser.

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