Sunday, 2 February 2014

Beauty Empties: Naruko Raw Job's Tears Super Brightening Night Gelly

Naruko Raw Job's Tears Super Brightening Night Gelly

Hydration: 3/5 I have used other night gelly before, in comparison this one by Naruko is not as hydrating.  When you first put it on it does feel hydrating, but after the products get completely absorbed into your skin then you will feel a bit of tightness in the skin; almost like it is not hydrating enough.

Brightening: 4/5  I did see a bit of brightening effect that this night gelly had.  However as soon as i stopped using this product, I no longer see the effect.

Product Ingredients: 5/5 This product has pretty much all natural ingredient, it does not include any ingredients that would raise an alarm.  So pretty much anyone can use this product.

Smell: 5/5 I like the small of it, i think it smells like red bean chilled desert, maybe it's the job tears

Consistency and Feel: 5/5 The product is brownish-red and gel form so it's easy to apply and easily spreadable on skin.  It almost feel cool to the skin when first applying it on your face.

Packaging: 3/5 The glass jar is pretty and easily twistable, it includes inner lid and a small spatula which makes it more sanitary

Size and Price: 4/5 This night gelly comes in 2.1 oz which is a decent amount.  I think  if i did use it continuously it would last about 3 months (use it only at night).  I paid around $23 dollar Canadian, which is sort of expensive for skin care in my option since i am not used to the price of Asian skin care (especially if buying them not from Asia)  But i do agree this night gelly is in the cheaper range of night gelly

Overall review: 4/5 This is a really good night gelly and i enjoy using it

Repurchase: Maybe, i think i would want to first try out Naruko's Tea Tree Oil Night Gelly because i do have to deal with the occasional breakout here and there, and plus i heard from other people's review that it is more hydrating.

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