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Skincare Review: Baléa Hydrating Face Mask with Sweet Almond Oil and Vitamin A

Baléa Hydrating Face Mask with Sweet Almond Oil and Vitamin A

If you seen my recent post for skincare haul then you know I got a bunch of these Baléa masks from Shopper Drug Mart.  This hydrating mask is the first one that I have opened and tried.  I wanted to first tried this mask is because I heard a lot of good things about what sweet almond oil does for the skin, and I previously have not tried any none gel like mask for hydration.

When I opened up the package, immediately I was surprised at how much product is in it.  I brought this mask at 3 for $5 deal, which is quite a good deal already.  And after using it, i definitely think it's worth the price, I can say that the single pack has enough to apply on your entire face for at least 4 uses.  This mask is white-ish green color, it sort of looks like clay but it will not dry like clay mask, it will not tighten as much or crumple. 

I felt a bit of tingle feeling right after applying it on, but after 30 sec that feeling is gone.  I usually leave it for 10 to 15 mins, you will see a bit of change when it dries, but definitely not as obviously as a clay mask dries. 

The hydration effect of this mask is decent.  It's hard to tell if my skin is more hydrated, because with this type of mask of wash-off mask the effect is not as obvious as a essence-drenched sheet mask.  It's a good alternative type of mask if you are tired of just sheet mask or clay mask.

Overall Review: 4/5.  I like the consistency of this mask, it's easy to apply and spread nicely on your whole face.  You don't need alot and there's plenty of products in the pack.  It's easily wash off, but sometimes I see a bit of residue when I wash it off and wipe my face with cotton pad and toner.  It's not that noticeable, but it may be something that might turn me off.  I have to try that other Baléa mask to really say if I'll repurchase this.

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Tuesday, 25 February 2014

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Skincare Review: Neogence Hydrating Mask

Neogence Hydrating Mask

This brand of sheet mask is really famous in Asia, especially Taiwan.  I think when I used it for the first time, it was probably the most hydrating mask that I have used before.  The second time using it was not as great as the first time, maybe I got used to the intensive hydration, which is never a bad sign, right?! 

These masks were given to me by visitors from Taiwan, I think these are fairly expensive masks if you were to buy it from none Asian sources.  I think this brand Neogence is probably the same value and price level as Dr. Wu, also a Taiwanese brand.  If you live in Taiwan or Hong Kong, or wherever that has access to Watson, I think they often go on sale, which can be quite a lot of saving than buying it online plus shipping. 

As you can see from the picture that I took after opening the package, the sheet masks is actually quite thick, compared to the other sheet masks that I have tried.  The thicker the mask the more essences that it needs to make the mask soak up the essence, which this mask does have, plenty of essences! 

The main purpose of this mask is hydration so I think it can be used fairly regularly, since its simple and hydration is something that you need everyday.

Overall Review: 5/5.  This is the second perfect score that I have give out and it definitely deserves it.  If I were to buy any masks for hydration not looking at price or if I look be in Taiwan then I would buy this mask 100%!!  I will definitely stock up on these masks next time I am going to Taiwan :)

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Monday, 24 February 2014

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Friday, 21 February 2014

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Food for thought: Man's Cupcake Chicago

Man's Cupcakes was promoting their cupcakes and I got to try some for FREE!

If you know me then you know I love anything for Free.  :)

The Chicago is pretty good, it has popcorn and caramel.  I have not seen anyone put popcorn on a cupcake, but it tastes pretty good. 

Man's Cupcakes has some very unique favors.  Try them out when you are at Robson, Vancouver near Vancouver library.

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Skincare Haul: Baléa Facial Masks

Baléa Facial Masks

I got 7 different masks from my local Shopper Drug Mart Baléa brand.  I think Baléa might be a exclusive brand in Shopper because I haven't seen it anywhere else.  The reason why I brought these masks was because I wanted to buy enough for the shopper optimal points event and plus there are many intriguing masks that I have not seen or tried before.

So the 7 types of masks that I picked out are all either clay or wash/wipe off masks.  There were also peel-off masks, sheet masks, and other types of mask for hair and foot, but I didn't buy them because I already have too many sheet masks and I don't like any kind of peel-off mask.

The majority of the masks that I picked out are moisturizing masks, there are some deep cleansing masks, whitening make, and the most unique one is the anti-aging snake venom.  You might think why in the world would I want to use snake venom on my face, well then you must have not been following the fastest skincare trends.  The new skincare ingredients that even many Hollywood stars have been using is Bee venom and Snake Venom.  The theory is that because these are only low percentage of actual venom, it's supposed to make the skin repair itself because it is tricked to believe that your skin is damaged from the venom.  All I can say is it is definitely a interesting idea :)

Well, since I am already using Snail slim in my everyday skincare routine (Missha Super Snail hydration skin treatment and emulsion), I figured that Snake Venom is probably not so far fetched.  I have seen outrageously priced skincare products that contains Bee and Snake venom, I am definitely not going to blow my money on it until I have at least tried it and it's worth the price.  This snake venom mask is actually using synthetic snake venom, explains why it's so cheap.

The masks are 3 for $5, I have not ever seen these masks go on sale yet.  I wouldn't say it's the cheapest masks, because I have seen other sheet mask that was 5 for $4.  I think it's  comparable to the Freeman traveler size masks, in terms of the price, but Baléa has more varieties.

I'll post the reviews of each masks when I get a chance to use them.  Stay tuned!!!

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Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Skincare Review: Lululun Everyday Face Mask 7 (pink version)

Lululun Everyday Face Mask 7 (pink version)

This mask is a pretty famous brand in Japan.  It was given to me, so I did not buy this myself, and I don't really know where this mask can be purchase where I live (in Vancouver, Canada).  So I was pretty lucky to have this given to me, I would definitely want to repurchase or have someone who is traveling to Japan or Asia to buy this for me. 

I have seen this brand Lululun on a lot of reviews and this brand has a lot of other lines.  The special thing about this mask pack is that it always comes with the zipper pouches so you can zip up the bag after taking out the mask.  To me, I prefer the zipper pouch than the single pack mask sheet.  The reason is because I always want to get the most use out of my mask sheet, so I would apply the remaining essence in the package (after taking out the mask) to the rest of my body, neck, chest, you name it, but the problem with that is you would have to apply to area without clothes, so obviously this can only be done after taking shower.  So, as you guessed it, every time I take a shower I would apply a sheet mask to my face right after getting out of the shower, and I would squeeze out every drop of essences and use it as body lotion/serum ;)

Ok, so the point is, because with the single mask sheet pack I prefer to use it after shower, so this zippable 7 day mask pack, I can use it in days that I have not taken a shower.  I don't want to creep anyone out, but I do not take a shower every single day (I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one, right?! LOL). Back to my point: it is convenient!

I have seen a version of this mask from Lululun that has 100 sheet mask, i was definitely shock that how anyone can use so many mask and without drying out.  I think 20 is my max that i will purchase from a zippable pack.

From what I can make out of from the packaging is that these masks are "organic" meaning without many chemicals  and only has simple ingredients so it can be every day.  Since I have heard from many beauty talk show and read from many articles that you are not supposed to apply sheet mask every single day, the fact that this mask is made for everyday use means it probably is organic.

Hydration effect is good, it definitely is not comparable to other hydration mask, but I think the organic part out weights the hydration part.  I am sure if this mask is also suppose to whiten, there was only about 5% of info that i can understand from the labels. 

Overall Review: 4/5.  I gave 4 for the simple ingredients list and the fact that you can reuse by zipping up the package.  I think there are other comparable multi-masks pack out there also from Japan, but this is the first of its kind that i have used, so far so good :D

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Monday, 17 February 2014

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Skincare Review: My Beauty Diary You Can't Beat Me Oil-control Soothing Mask

My Beauty Diary You Can't Beat Me Oil-control Soothing Mask

This mask is My Beauty Diary's new line of mask sheet.  The package is only 5 packs in a box, which is only half of the regular 10 packs box, i think the price is also about half of the 10 packs.  The new line are not ingredients focus, for example the regular line emphasizes only on one main ingredients like aloe, white pearl powder, etc.  I think the new series is more emphasized on the effect, which in my opinion better because other than reading each mask's label how do i know what white pearl powder does.

This mask is specially suitable for preventing acne.  There are many acne preventing ingredients such as tea tree oil, rose water, black tea, mint and other skin soothing ingredients.  The back says that this mask is suitable for oily skin type, acne prone skin, and skin that need balancing.

Right away when i open this mask, i noticed the smell of this mask definitely did not have any added fragrance because it does not smell great, not horrible that you cannot stand but it's definitely not a good scent.  Personally i don't mind not having added fragrance just to cover up the herbal scent, any fragrance that's not natural is not good for the skin.

The hydration effect of this mask is okay.  The main purpose of this mask is to prevent acne or come down existing acne that you might have, and i definitely see and feel its effects.   the first time that i used this mask was because i felt a pimple about to form on my forehead, so i wanted to prevent or stop it from growing into cystic acne by using this mask.  The next morning, i saw the pimple go down and it not form again later, so it went away after using this mask.  That n my opinion is the best thing any acne treatment/mask can do!

Overall review: 5/5  I have not given out any perfect score yet but this mask is a perfect score in my list.  I would for sure repurchase this mask after running out.  I hope this new My Beauty Diary series never become discontinued, i want to also try some of the other mask in this series.  There was a pore reducing mask that i saw, i have many enlarged pores on my nose and around me nose, that is next on my list of masks to try :)

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Thursday, 13 February 2014

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Skincare Review: Heme Instant Lifting and Whitening Eye Mask

Heme Instant Lifting and Whitening Eye Mask

This eye mask pack comes with 5 packs in a box.  It was on sale when you buy 2 box, so that's why you see so many of the mask in the picture.  I got this eye mask from my local Asian T&T supermarket, so 2 boxes was about $11.99 Canadian, not bad for 10 eye make in my opinion.

The shape of this mask is so cute, it is in a butterfly shape, so it does cover a lot of areas around your eye.  A nice thing about the mask is that usually eye masks are only made for the lower eye area, but this eye mask will cover your upper eyelid and as well as some part of cheeks and nose. 

The main goal that i hope to get out of when applying any eye mask is hydration and firmness (reduce eye lines or fine lines).  The hydration effect of this mask is fairly good.  I found that even applying the eye mask after 15-20 minutes the mask still has alot of essence in it; i would then apply this mask on other area of my face, for example my cheeks or forehead, i got to get the most of the eye right?! ;)

On the package, it says the mask is supposed be lifting and whitening.  I did not see immediate result of lifting or whitening, but i do believe that keeping your skin hydrated does lead up to lifting and maybe whitening.  I think this mask is good for depuffing, even though it did not say that on the package. 

There was one time when i tried to use the extra essence on the rest of my face, but i got like a film effect afterwards, which is like a having a light layer of saran wrap on my face, and if I were to rub my skin there was little white flakes that came off.  So don't use the essence as a face lotion/serum.  I found that letting the essence soak in to your skin will definitely not cause the film effect.

Overall review: 3.5/5  Decent eye mask, not a miracle product.  You really have to use it long terms to see the effect, or if it does anything at all.  I think a good eye cream can definitely replaced the need for eye masks. 

Skincare Review: My Beauty Diary Broccoli Mask

My Beauty Diary Broccoli Mask

I am definitely a sheet mask junky,  this mask is from My Beauty Diary 10 year anniversary pack.  The mask says it is suppose to moisturize and rejuvenate, and in my opinion it does. 

I pick this mask to use last night after shower because i didn't want a mask that was too heavy or rich, and i didn't really want to wear a brightening mask either, so i picked this mask.  It first when i saw that this mask has broccoli in it, i was in doubt.  Whenever i think of broccoli i think of it would not smell good since the natural scent of broccoli is pretty much vegetable smell.  However when i opened up this mask, the smell is definitely not broccoli (thank god, because who would like the smell of broccoli?!) i has a bit of floral scent to it.  That was definitely a surprise but nevertheless a good surprise.

The hydration effect of the mask is decent, there are definitely more hydrating mask out there.  I do agree that this mask is more for rejuvenation, maybe just a little bit.

Overall review: 4/5.  I gave 4 because i think this mask is a good choice when you just want a simple mask, i would think any skin type is suitable for this mask even sensitive skin.  Would i repurchase the 10 packs of just broccoli mask, maybe not, i would maybe try out the aloe mask before deciding.

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