Thursday, 14 August 2014

Skincare Review: SexyLook Ultra Whitening Double Lifting Mask

Skincare Review: SexyLook Ultra Whitening Double Lifting Mask

I got this 1 pack mask sheet just to try, it was the first time that I used one of these neck lifting mask. I was very surprised how good this mask is, and when I say good I mean the lifting part. I do think the mask is tight, and thus it achieve lifting and firming. I think it maybe that my face is a little big so it feels extra tight when I have it on.

I never was interesting in these face and neck masks because I think it's a waste to buy anything for the neck. But now that I have tried it, I will definitely repurchase. As now that I am almost 27, in the end of my 20's, I have to start thinking about my neck as much as my face.

The blue pack is quite nice, it says on the packaging in Chinese that it has pearl, barley, and hydralonic acid. I didn't see it on the English translation. There's a lot of different masks in the same line, I want to try the green one, but I have only seen it either online or in Asia; the green pack is aloe and something else.

There's also a decent amount of essence, not too much that it leaks out of the package, but high quality essence. The material of the sheet mask is quite thick, that's why it can stand up to lifting your face, otherwise if it's easily tearable, then it would probably break when I have it on my face.

Overall Review: 4.5/5, I think it's definitely a good mask, very good for those approaching end of 20's or in their 30's, no scratch that, I think it's suitable for everyone, I mean who wouldn't want a smaller more lifted jaw line :)

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