Friday, 8 August 2014

Skincare Review: Dr Hsieh 10% Mandelic Acid Home-Peeling Liquid

Dr Hsieh 10% Mandelic Acid Home-Peeling Liquid

I have seen many beauty blogger using Mandelic Acid to help with their acne and brightening, I think it help with in general skin renewal. The really famous one is from Dr Wu 27 or 28% Mandelic Acid, but that's $35+ for only 15ml. So I decided to try Mandelic Acid with a lower percentage concentrate, a cheaper price, and also larger size. This bottle is 30ml which is quite decent for the price, which is around $26 canadian. It's also because I am planning to use as an everyday treatment, so a lower concentrate is probably better. The 28% is only supposed to used twice or three times a week.

The texture of this Mandelic Acid is exactly as describe in the title, it's liquid. I don't think it's watery liquid, it's more like oily liquid, but it's definitely running. When putting it in on your hand, it will run down. I used to directly drop it on my face with the dropper, but it runs down my face faster than I can spread it around, so now I just drop a half dropper amount into the palm of my hand and use both hands to warm it up and then apply it to my face. My face becomes a little shiny after applying it, but that disappears after a few minutes, I guess it's absorbed into the skin.

The first few days of using this, I did see a difference in my skin because I think it helped with the brightness, and I almost thought that it must also helped with my acne, because I didn't get any acne during the first few day, but it's just because it was during the time of the month that my skin wasn't acting up. So when it came to the time of the month just before my period came, acne still came back. I think you would need to use it consistently for longer to see any result.

Overall Review: 4/5, I already used up almost half of the bottle, let's see if using up the whole bottle if I will see any dramatic result. I think even after using up the whole bottle, I will consider trying Dr Wu 28% Mandelic Acid, just to see if that one is better with higher concentration. But I would definitely recommend this to anyone who has acne problem but have tried everything but have not found a solution yet. I think this is more suitable for the sensitive skin users because the percentage concentration is not that high to irritate your skin.

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