Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Skincare Review: My Scheming EGF Hydrating Repair Essence

My Scheming EGF Hydrating Repair Essence

This is from the My Scheming Essences series, I already brought and finished the whitening one, this is the EGF, and there's one more that is Hydralonic acid. This is definitely a thicker consistency than the whitening essence, and I am not sure I like this consistency. In fact, it's really thick as an essence that it's probably not the best to use a dropper for.

After using up the whole bottle, I didn't not see any result. I am not sure what I was expecting when I brought this product. I have not heard of EGF as an active skin care ingredient, but I have seen it on some Korean masks. I think I brought it hoping that it would treat my acne scars and pigmentation issues, because it had the word "repair" in the product. I don't think EGF is for acne scars, I think it's more for anti-aging and wrinkle filling? Who knows!?!

Anyways, this bottle only costed around $12-15 canadian when I brought it, same price as the whitening essence. I don't know about you, but for an essence this is the cheapest that I have seem.

Overall Review: 3/5, I will not repurchase this essence. I do like the whitening essence better and I am in fact considering buying that one again. I'm not going try My Scheming Hydralonic acid essence because I already have one from another Taiwanese brand, and that one is better, cheaper, and claims it doesn't have paraben and other preservatives.

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