Sunday, 23 March 2014

Skincare: My Hormonal Acne Battle

My Hormonal Acne Battle

Here is a bit of background about my skin and my battles with acne in general:  so I didn't always have problem with acne, in most of my high school or adolescence I probably never had to deal with acne, a pimple would probably occur once every 3 months (it was definitely manageable and hardly even noticed as a problem).  So I think my acne nightmare started after my 20s.

I think acne started most on my forehead, at that time I still had bangs, maybe it was hygiene issues.  After getting rid of my bangs and with a bit of acne topical treatment, my forehead pimples are gone.  Now that I'm over 25, my battle with acne has moved to my lower mouth / chin area from hormonal imbalance. 

I know it's hormonal acne because it always occur at around the same place and related to my period.  I have tried many topical treatment, I think they can't prevent hormonal acne.  I tried to use a sulfur mask just before I think my hormonal acne will flare up, it may or may not help, but what can I do. 

It's a constant battle with acne, even after growing out of your teenage years. 

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  1. Do you guys have any home remedies for acne? I tend to get a lot of them on my temple area and i also get these big red ones that hurt like hell around my chin that bleed a lot, and i have sensitive skin, so no moisturizing creams and stuff, i also switched to cold showers so that my pores are not always big and oily, any suggestions?