Thursday, 20 March 2014

Skincare Haul: Dermal Aloe Vera Gel 95%

Dermal Aloe Vera Gel 95%

Dermal is an international Korean skincare brand, I think you might have seen this brand's sheet masks before.  For a while, I even saw Dermal masks being sold at Walmart and if you goto H-mart which is Korean supermarket, you'll definitely see them. 

Dermal have a lot of dupe or "knock-off" products to the really famous but also more expensive Korean skin care products.  This aloe Vera gel is the dupe for Natural Republic's Aloe Vera gel, I think that one might be 97% pure aloe Vera. 

There are other dupes in Dermal skincare line, if you know Korean skincare then you must know Tonymoly's Intense Snail Hydration Gel Mask.  It's the one where there's two parts of the mask, one that cover from forehead to nose and the other cover from nose to chin.  Anyways, there is dupe of the mask from Dermal, and it's way cheaper (definitely 50% saving or more). 

Back to the Aloe Vera Gel, 95% vs 97% pure aloe is just numbers to me, so I decided to try it immediately after I saw it in a Japanese drug store in Vancouver Downtown.  Since we are talking about pureness of aloe Vera gel, I did used to almost two bottle of Fruit of the Earth (FOTE) 100% aloe Vera gel.  You can get that from any Walmart store.  It's actually funny, before I brought this Dermal aloe Vera gel, I was actually using using FOTE as a mask, it worked okay not as good as Dermal. 

So this is how I used the mask, I apply a thick layer all over my face, wait 20-30 mins and then take most of the gel off with a spatula and wash off remaining.  Note the mask will probably never dry if you apply a thick layer, if it's just a thin layer, then it will dry up as a film on your face.  A thick gel mask is supposedly more hydrating than a sheet mask, you should not wear a sheet mask for more than 30 mins because the sheet will absorb hydration from your skin when it's dried up. 

I'll probably do another review on this gel mask after I used up the whole bottle, but so far so good.

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