Thursday, 19 June 2014

Skincare Supplement: femMED Hormonal Balance

femMED Hormonal Balance 120 Capsules

This is a supplement that i thought would help with my hormonal acne, i think it did a little bit.  I think this brand may be exclusively at Shopper Drug Mart because i haven't seen it anywhere else.  It is 120 vegetarian capsules, which you are supposed to take 2 daily, that's 60 days worth, which is approximately 2 months.  It says on the bottle that it may take 3 months to see result.  I guess i was too impatient because i only brought one bottle and am not planning to repurchase. 

For those who want to treat hormonal imbalance, i think there are better supplement that you can buy.  There's another brand that i saw after buying this, it was called EstroSmart, i think that has more ingredients to help battle hormonal acne. 

This was priced at $35-40 but if you buy it during 20x the point event, then over $50 means $10 off in points :)

I would not repurchase, because i have found something more effective at combating acne, no matter if it's hormonal acne or stress acne.  I think that's better than just dealing with hormonal, i mean ultimately i want to have no acne and perfect skin, a girl can dream right?!?

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