Thursday, 19 June 2014

Skincare Haul: My scheming L-absorbic Acid Whitening Essence

My scheming L-absorbic Acid Whitening Essence

If you are like me and live no way near Asian then you know how hard it is to try out Asian skincare.  Luckily i live where there's a huge Asian market, T&T supermarket.  To me T&T is my Watson, they just started importing a local t of Asian skincare brands, My beauty Diary, Naruko, Dr. WU, My Scheming, and even Korean brands such Etude House and Face Shop.   My scheming is a Taiwanese brand, similar to My beauty Diary, but i think in some ways even better, because they have serum, which is the one that i brought :)

There are three types of serum or essence in the range, this one is whitening, there is hydrolic acid, and another EFG renewal hydration.  All of the serum are within the price range of $12 to $15 Canadian, which is definitely an outrageously cheap for serum. 

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