Friday, 2 September 2016

Mask Review: Kielh's deep cleansing mask

After hearing all the rave about Kielh's deep cleansing mask i decided it's time to try it out (after N years i finally caved in).  Everyone on the online review board said this mask is great for clearing out whiteheads however there is a tingly sensation when putting on the mask, and that's exactly how i felt.  Believe me when i say i have tried a lot of masks of all different brand, so i thought i surely would not feel anything tingly that's for sensitives skin people, but not true at all.  I don't consider my skin as sensitive, it's pretty resistant, so even when i put on the mask i could feel a sting.  Here's my warning for the sensitive skin girls, you probably want to try it out with a sample size before purchasing the bigger bottle.  

As for cleansing property, i think it does an okay job.  I did noticed one time that there were whitehead floating up after i used this mask, it's either whiteheads or dead skin cells from washing off the mask, either case i think the mask is working.  If you have to let me pick something bad about this mask then i would it's the price vs effectives.  This mask is expensive around $33 canadian, surely you can say there are more expensive masks out there (Glam Glow supermud mask is definitely higher in price, but in terms of effectiveness i say Glam Glow is better).  Kielh's mask lacks effectiveness what i mean is not every time you use the mask you clean out all of your pores, there are some whiteheads but not every time.

Overall rating: 3.5/5, mostly due to price and effectiveness, i think overall it's a good mask just not as magical like everyone else raved about it.  Probably will not repurchase after i finish this giant bottle, the amount of product is a lot and that's a plus.

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