Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Skincare Review: Leader Insolution Tea Tree Sheet Mask Review

Leader Insolution Tea Tree sheet mask

This was on sale at my local H-mart for $29.99 for 10 sheet mask originally for $40 or something, another reason why i brought it was because the sales lady said i could mix and match between the same price of the Leader Insolution sheet masks.  Even though i mostly brought the tea tree mask, i still wanted to try out other kinds, so i brought an aloe one as well as a brightening one.

This is a really good mask especially for calming down acne or pimples, and i think this mask is also really hydrating.  Even hours after using the mask, i could still see my skin being hydrated.  The only slight downside is that this mask is on the pricer side, usually what i like to spend on mask is less than $2 per mask.  Since i usually use sheet mask 5 times a week, so spending more than $2 per mask would get pretty expensive after a while.  This mask is about $3 per mask, i think it's definitely worth the price, but it will be a mask that i will use everyday because it's a bit pricey.

Overall review: 4/5

Great mask for prevention and calming down acne.  It is surprising hydrating and there's tons of serum in the package.  If you don't have a budget or only use sheet mask occasionally then get this mask.

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