Monday, 28 July 2014

Skincare Review: My Sassy Sheet Mask Hydraluronan Hydration and Snail Essence

My Sassy Sheet Mask Hydraluronan Hydration and Snail Essence

These two masks were given to me by a friend who was visiting from Taiwan.  At first, I didn't know this brand at all, but she told me that she uses this brand daily because it's cheap and great value.  So I said sure I will try. 

I have to admit that I was quite surprised when I was using this mask.  The sheet mask material is the thinnest that I have used in the cheaper brand.  And this is a cheaper brand, I compared the price at my local Asian supermarket, it's about $10-13 for a pack of 10. 

Not only was the sheet mask thin, it also was jam packed with essence.  They have quite a collection of the same line that they sell, and this line was all about the thin sheet mask material. 

I was so pleased with the product that even before finishing up the 4 that  was given to me, I already brought a 10-pack box myself.  I wished I didn't jump the gun, and just waited until I tried all of it. 

You see, the problem is I was so surprised at how thin the mask was and how much essence there was, I didn't realized that sometime there would be small white scrub-able particles that remain on my face after taking off the mask. 

Anyways, when I review the 10-pack box I'll explain it in more detail.

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