Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Skincare Review: Coni Beauty Brightening Jelly Mask

Coni Beauty Brightening Jelly Mask

This is the first jelly mask that i have tried, i do already have a tub of aloe vera gel, which i used as a jelly mask, but this is the first product that i own specifically used as jelly mask.

It was fairly cheap when i brought it, around $14 Canadian from T&T, i think it's also a newly released product because i didn't see it before.  The brand is completely new to me, i know that for one of the more famous jelly mask brand, Bonanza, it actually cost  $35 dollar per tub of their mask.  So in comparison, this brand is definitely cheaper.

I apply a thick layer of the mask.  It is actually a black mask, which sounds strange to apply a black mask on your face.  After 20-30 mins, i used a spatula to scrap it off and then wash of the remaining with water. It actually not easy to wash off the mask, around the edges where the mask already dried up, it's really hard to wash.

I think the result is good, didn't see any major brightening effect, hydration effect is good.  Definitely a good mask to have if you are a mask collector, i know i am :)

Overall review: 4/5, decent price, good hydration. I will repurchase when i ran out.

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