Thursday, 3 April 2014

Skincare Review: Bioré Self Heating One Minute Mask

Bioré Self Heating One Minute Mask (with natural charcoal)

This is a sample that was mail to my house, it's a new product that was recently launched by Bioré.  It came with the one minute self heating mask and a charcoal cleanser.  This line of products are all focus on charcoal. 

Self heating mask is definitely an interesting idea that I would want to have in my mask collection, but self heating sounds like a dangerous thing especially when you are applying it on my face.  So this sample definitely let me try out the idea of self heating mask without buying the full size version and regretting it after trying it. 

The instructions say to apply it on clean face but after wetting your face first, this seems strange to me because I thought that this mask is applied as a dry mask and you just leave it on after 5-10 minutes.  However, the instructions was correct, because if you apply the mask dry, it will not spread out and plus you'll experience heat immediately when you apply it.  So if you can't spread the mask out, you'll feel too much heat in one area, also the water protects your skin a little bit too from the heat.  Another weird thing about the instructions is that it says to massage for one minute then wash off, what kind of mask only leaves it on your skin for only a minute?!?

In conclusion, I think this is more of a cleanser than a mask, since its only supposed to be one minute.  If you wanted to leave it on longer you can, but I wouldn't because self heating must have certain chemicals that makes it self heating and you definitely don't want that to stay too long on your face.  Also, the heat disappears after 1 minute, so there's really no reason to leave it on. 

Overall Review:2.5/5, I would not purchase this in the full sized version because I don't see any benefits from using this mask, I think the idea of self heating and chemicals of this mask just completely puts me off.  I do agree that this is intriguing product, I would suggest it of you like 1-minute masks or heating masks.

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